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The Intergalactic Council - Who Are They And What Do They Do?

June 17, 2023 Nikki Jordan Season 3 Episode 19
There's Always Tea
The Intergalactic Council - Who Are They And What Do They Do?
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Show Notes

We have a whopping show today! Nikki is introducing the 12  members of The Intergalactic Council.  You will also find out who on the Council had past incarnations as Adam, Elijah, Merlin, King Arthur, the Three Wise Men, the goddess Isis of Egypt, Pythagorus and more. These masters work behind the scenes to help our planet. Their missions are extremely important so this is a podcast with a difference! It's very enlightening, uplifting, and hopeful. So pour your favourite cuppa and we hope you enjoy getting to know these incredible masters and how you can access their help in your own life. 

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